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When replacing incandescant with LED light bulbs, the Payback for the LED bulbs is approximately 1 year.

When replacing compact flourescant (CFL) with LED light bulbs, the payback for the LED bulbs is approximately 2-3 years.

See the calculation below for cost savings possible


Demand around the world for energy-efficient products has been increasing in the past few decades. To meet this need, scientists have been improving the performance and efficiency of many of the household items we take for granted. Many consumers have switched from incandescent to compact fluorescent light bulbs as a result of these improvements, but one light bulb technology takes energy efficiency to an even higher level: the LED light bulb.

Although the initial cost of LED light bulbs is higher, their lifespan is significantly longer than both regular incandescant bulbs and compact flourescant bulbs. The LED bulb comes in all shapes and sizes, and can match virtually any incandescant fitting, they can also be dimmed easily, unlike compact flourescants.


Incandescant light bulb - 1200hrs (ave lifespan)
Compact flourescant light bulb - 8000hrs (ave lifespan)
LED Light bulb -  50,000hrs (ave lifespan)


In addition to the longer lifespan, they are also more energy efficient, because they use less power (watts) per unit of light generated (lumens). Below we have listed the comparable power cost of operating the three different kinds of light bulbs per year (the figures are based on a rate of $0.50/kwh for 30 lightbulbs in one year). The bulbs below generate the same amount of light:

Incandescant light bulb - 60watts => 3285KWh/yr => $1642.50
Compact flourescant light bulb - 13-15watts => 767KWh/yr => $383.50
LED Light bulb - 6-8watts => 329KWh/yr => $164.50

The calculation shows in the above scenario, operating LED light bulbs when compared to incandescant light bulbs there would be a saving of $1478.00 per year.

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