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Passive Solar Hot Water Heaters

How it works

The all copper collector/storage tank absorbs solar radiation through its surface coating by raising the temperature of the water stored in the collector. It is well insulated with closed cell foam and double-glazed for increased heat retention. The 4” diameter copper tubes are welded into a series flow pattern so that the top of the lower tube feeds the bottom of the next tube. This allows the collector to contain the colder replacement water in the lower tubes where it is heated by the sun as it flows from one tube to the next. Each time hot water is used, the innovative design eliminates the cooling down of the remaining heated water that normally occurs in other types of solar hot water heating systems.


The solar water heater will be tied into your existing hot water system, the hot water generated from the solar collector will be used in Dishwashers, washing machines, baths, showers and sinks. With the correctly sized system all costs associated with heating water will be removed from your power bill.

Commercial and Industrial
The solar water heaters are perfectly suited for commercial and industrial use, and are suitable for applications such as Restaurants, Offices, Kitchens, Bars, Launderette’s and Hospitals.
The Solar collectors can be tied into your hot water system, the solar collectors provide a steady flow of water up to a temperature of 145f. With the correctly sized system all costs associated with water heating will be removed from your power bill.

passive solar hot water system
passive solar hot water heater collector
passive solar hot water commercial

System Payback

On average approximately 20-30% of the typical household electricity bill is for heating water. Paybacks for the solar hot water heaters vary depending on the fuel and type of hot water heater being compared. In general when comparing our solar hot water heaters:

Electric water heater— approximately 2-3year payback, >30% Return on Investment (ROI)
Gas Instant water heater— approximately 4-5year payback, >20% Return on Investment (ROI)


All installations vary, however a good guideline on pricing is $5000-$6500 per installation for a family of 2-4. Please contact us for a site appraisal and price.

Detail Specs and Cut Sheets

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Passive solar hot water heaters are self-contained, single unit systems that integrate the solar collector and storage tank. In most applications, it functions as a pre-heater to an instantaneous or conventional water heater. Passive solar hot water heaters require only local water pressure and solar radiation to operate. No pumps, controls, mechanical or electrical components are required. Once installed, the system will work automatically. When hot water is used, solar pre-heated water is drawn into the conventional water heater, reducing electrical or gas usage for water heating. The water heater that we offer is among the most efficient solar systems rated by US national testing and certification agencies. Our passive systems are virtually maintenance free and feature a 25 year design life, with a 10 year material warranty and 1 year installation warranty. Passive solar collectors can be ground or roof mounted.

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Typical Passive Solar Hot Water system configuration

Passive residential application

Passive Solar Hot Water Turks and Caicos and Bahamas