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Retrofit Solar Hot Water Heaters

System Payback

Paybacks for the solar hot water heaters vary depending on the fuel and hot water heater type being compared to. In general the following paybacks are achieved when comparing our retrofit solar hot water heating system with the following:

Electric water heater— approximately 2year payback, 50% Return on Investment (ROI) - for a family of 4.
Gas Instant water heater— approximately 3year payback, 30% Return on Investment (ROI) for a family of 4.


All installations vary, however a good guideline on pricing starts at $3000 per installation for a family of 2-4. Please contact us for a site appraisal and price.

Detail Specs and Cut Sheets

Available on Request.


Many home owners wish to keep their existing hot water tank, we have designed a solar hot water system which utilises your existing solar hot water heater (to reduce installation costs and disruption) and incorporates a solar water collector. On average approximately 20% of the typical household electricity bill is for heating water.

Our retrofit active solar hot water heating systems use one pump (depending on the size of the system) to circulate water through the system, our pumps are designed for the system and powered by a small solar panel. We will utilise your existing hot water storage tank, avoiding disruption and minimizing costs. We typically will recommend that customers avoid the systems that are too complex, as the more complex the system, the more maintenance is required over time, particularly in the aggressive coastal environment of the Caribbean.
Our active systems offer a 6 month installation warranty. Active solar collectors can be ground or roof mounted.

Active Solar Hot Water Configuration

Retrofit Solar Hot water heater Turks and Caicos and Bahamas