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Green Revolution has teamed up with Scotia Bank Bahamas to provide finance options for selected products. Look for the 'Green Explosion' banner (above) for those qualifying technologies. Click on the banner above to find out more.

Solar Bahamas 

Green Revolution Ltd provides, renewable energy solutions and energy efficiency advice to The Bahamas.
 We offer design, supply only, or supply and install service for new build and existing buildings/facilities.

We specialise in solar hot watersolar pool pumps, solar pool heating and solar photovoltaic.

Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) is the main power utility in the Bahamas. It is a government owned company and services the majority of inhabited islands within the Bahamas.

The BEC grid is unable to handle peak demand in Nassau, which results in rolling blackouts throughout New Providence. The result of this unreliable service is that many home owners are forced to install back up generators.

Why choose green energy in the Bahamas?

A reliable, safe and clean form of energy.

With power costs at approximately $0.42/kwh and worldwide fuel costs constantly increasing, solar is an efficient and environmentally responsible alternative to mains power.

The use of diesel generators to provide powers pollutes our environment providing harmful emissions and the likelihood of spillage.

Because of these factors..

Now is a great time to invest in solar technologies in the Bahamas

Explore our site to find out how renewable energy technologies can be successfully implemented in the Caribbean, along with estimated paybacks/return on invesment for all of our products.

Learn more about saving up to 20% on your power bill with minimal additional cost.

Solar Bahamas
Solar Bahamas

The Sun (almost) always shines in the Bahamas...

Solar Bahamas

Solar Bahamas