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Solar System Sizing and Savings Calculator
Stage 1 Average Monthly Power Bill ($)
$ ?
Stage 2 Power Utility Rate from utility Bill Power Rate + Fuel Factor
eg Providenciales = $0.53 ($/kwh)
$ ?
Stage 3 Percentage of your power supply you would like to cover with solar panels. (We recommend 33%-50% to cover only your daytime power usage**see note 4 below) %
  Estimated System Cost (incl installation)
Estimated annual savings
Estimated Payback (years)

1 - All pricing is estimated and will be subject to site visit prior to finalisation
2 - All pricing is based in roof mounting of panels, for ground mount estimate please contact us for a site visit
3 - All pricing is based on cost to install in Providenciales, please contact us for pricing on other islands
4 - ** Currently PPC will not pay for any excess power produced by your solar system, for this reason we recommend that you input the following values in Stage 3 above,  
Home unoccupied during the day (AC turned off) 40%
Home occupied during the day 65%
Business operating during the day 90%
Business operating day and night 70%