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Solar Hybrid

System Payback

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Hybrid solar systems come in many forms. Our Hybrid Solar water heater combines with a photovoltaic cell which powers a patented air cooling system, along with an active solar hot water heater. This system provides your full hot water demand and a household cooling system which can either supplement or replace an air conditioning system. The cooling system draws cool air from beneath the ground, with the patented ‘Earth Cooling System’.

How it works

The patented ‘earth cooling system’ consists of a series of tubes which are placed approximately 4’ below the ground, the solar powered ventilators draw warm, fresh air through these buried tubes, thus cooling the fresh air to the ground temperature (approximately 75f) which is then distributed into the building. As with a conventional air conditioning system, the temperature is controlled by a thermostat. The ventilators are powered by a Photovoltaic panel, which is part of the hybrid solar collector. The balance of the solar collector is a solar hot water heater, the water is distributed around the hot water system using a pump, which is also powered by the Photovoltaic solar panel.


The ventilators within each hybrid system are capable of cooling an area of approximately 800sf to a temperature of 70degf. The system is designed to expand to accommodate cooling larger spaces.

solar hybrid panel 2
Solar hybrid panel
solar hybrid panel section
earth cooling system 2
earth cooling system

Installation phases of the ECS-200 (earth cooling system)

Hybrid Solar panel

Vertical solar panel install

Vertical solar panel install

Patented Earth Cooling System

solar hybrid earth cooling system

Solar Hybrid Turks and Caicos and Bahamas